Molift Stretcher

Molift Stretcher is a user-friendly and flexible scoop stretcher designed for safe patient handling from the floor or bed. Combined with a Molift hoist it is ideal for acute care applications where time and limited patient movement are critical. Its unique scoop design makes patient transfer safe and effective through the entire pathway, from reception through X-Ray, CT scanning and MRI.

When fractures are suspected

The Molift Stretcher is the perfect choice when it would be inappropriate to lift an immobile patient in a sling hoist, due to the patient’s medical condition, i.e. when a fracture of the lower limbs or damage to the spine or pelvis is suspected.

Compatible with standard 4-point suspension

The Molift Stretcher locks at the top and bottom and can be split into two parts. It may be used together with Molift Partner 205, Molift Partner 255 and Molift Hi-Trac, Alternatively, the Molift Stretcher may be lifted manually by up to 10 people. The Molift Stretcher can be washed and disinfected with normal household detergents and disinfectants.


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