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We have a wide range of ceiling track hoists that are perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and even for home care.

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About Our Ceiling Track Hoist Installations

We only stock high quality ceiling hoists that we know will provide secure, reliable service time and time again.

We specialise in all types of ceiling track hoists, including Straight, XY System, Turntable and Portable Ceiling Hoists. Our ceiling hoists work well with our range of slings.

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Molift Air Ceiling Track Hoist

Molift Air Ceiling Track Hoist

A new generation of ceiling track hoists, the Molift Air is a strong and smooth ceiling hoist that enables patients to be transferred in a comfortable and safe way.

Functional and well designed

It is an innovative, functional and well-designed hoisting aid for disabled users. Combined with the Molift Rail System, Molift Air solves all hoisting situations in healthcare and other patient handling environments.

Light and flexible ceiling track hoist

Molift Air is a strong and smooth ceiling hoist suitable for sitting and horizontal transfers, as well as standing. It can also be used for gait training situations. It comes together with the comprehensive accessory program from Molift.

The Molift Air ceiling track hoist is used with fixed ceiling rails, but can also be used for portable freestanding systems. Due to a very low weight and the clever quick release coupling system, Molift Air ceiling hoist is easy to handle during installation and servicing without the need for tools.

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